With the generous support of the Netherlands embassy in Japan, Ishigaki International Film Festival 2021 closed its curtain with triumph. The theme this year was “various families and my life” and two Dutch films were selected and screened during the festival. In the time of great uncertainty with the spreading of Covid-19 and climate-related natural disasters around the world, the films gave us an opportunity to take another look at the meaning of happiness and having inclusive society.

Important Notice


To ensure the safety and health of people in Ishigaki island during the COVID-19 pandemic, “Cinema at Sea - Ishigaki Island International Film Festival” anticipated in November 2020 will be rescheduled to a future date. With this decision, we regret to inform you that further entries for the competition programs will not be accepted. For those who have already submitted their work will be contacted individually for additional information.

The scale of the event might be smaller, but we are planning to hold a memorable movie event with the essence of the international film festival to connect the future of the island with its culture and education, and for you to sink into the special moment with movies in a safe environment.

We sincerely hope that you will witness the birth of this small film festival with the sensation of Ishigaki island’s rich nature and culture, especially during a difficult time now when art plays its powerful role in our lives. Further details of the event will be announced soon.

“Cinema at Sea - Ishigaki Island International Film Festival” Executive Committee